The purpose of Gold Eye consulting company

  Our company offers the great opportunities for a variety of talent, regarding the job chance and careers choice and feasible service of consulting and supporting business.

  Our company take as our service concept, from the view of conscientiousness, provide our customers with professional and qualified career information networking.

  Among the lots of information, we provide qualified career informationto the client by meeting their standards and requirements. Also, we hold job seminar on a regular basis.

The content of business

Real Estate Business

  Our company real Estate business specialize for Chinese, main business including property sales and rental of detached house, apartments and stores.

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IT talent dispatching

  Our company is specializing in human resources dispatch business especially for Chinese IT engineers, which has variety of OS and language skills. In the midst of a chronic shortage of engineers, we provide highly qualified human resources services to build systems that are more complex than ever.

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Consulting Business

  Since the establishment of our company, we have been provided all kinds of systems and professional consulting service regarding business expanding between Chinese and Japanese company.
  Meanwhile, we have been corporating with lawyer firm, to help many Chinese in Japan who have the problem of visa.


Elderly care services

  In view of the demand of social welfare undertakings and growth industries,our company operates a small-scale multi-functional home-based elderly care facility in Totsuka-ku, Yokohama (another elderly care facility in Edogawa-ku, Tokyo is currently under application process).